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Partnership Opportunities

Explore our flexible partnership programs to connect with new opportunities and leverage resources for accelerated business growth.
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Become a Partner

Partner Program quick FAQ :

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What is the fee for Partnership Program ?

No partnership or set-up fees for referral & reseller partnership program. But there is a comfortable set-up fee for marketing partner program

Any sales targets to keep in mind ?

There are no minimal sales targets for the partner level (however, time to time non-mandatory offer targets may be there with achivement rewards).

Not sure if Industrial Infotech is the right solution for my clients. Why Industrial Infotech, anyway ?

Industrial Infotech offers a wide range of web solutions & business tools that can help your clients operate their business on a completely different level. Affordable pricing, and instant profit off each sale is a win-win for you and your clients.

How do I get my partner incentive ?

Partner’s incentive/commission will automatically be credited to a Partner’s account within 10 business days. Remember, no claim regarding refund of paid amount by you or your customer will be entertain until & unless the service or work for which payment has been made remain unattended or incomplete even after given period of completion of work.